6 Ways to Get Better Email Conversion Rates

Written by Claudio Sabato

Are you new to email marketing?email conversion rates

Do you have a small list and find hard to get people to open your email?

Today I will go through the top-seven ways to increase your email conversions rates.

1. Ask your readers to ‘Reply if interested’

When you send your email to a list of subscribers, you should be sending an email at least once a week.

In your weekly email, there needs to be a call-to-action that says, “Hey, if you’re interested in this offer, or if you want to learn more about what I’m talking about, just reply back to this email and let me know.”


Because any business is about increasing engagement with your audience.

You should always check your inbox to see how many people actually replied back—and don’t be shocked if you don’t get much response.

Email marketing is just like any sale—it’s a numbers game.  

2. Use photos to mix up your email strategy

The second thing you should do is mix it up by putting photos in your emails.

People receive more and more emails every day and to increase your email conversion rates you need to make things different, make them more interesting…

People like getting pictures, especially photos where they can see other people.

This works great, especially if you are marketing some product that promises a better lifestyle or financial freedom. Show them pictures of you in those scenarios. 

3. Test and improve your subject lines

Your subject line should never sound like advertising or marketing – ever.

The very first emails people open are usually from friends and family. Then they open emails from colleagues. But the last email they’ll open is from the Internet marketing guru trying to sell them something.

So you don’t ever want your subject line to sound like it’s promotional.

When you write your emails imagine you are writing to your best friend.

What would you ask him? How could you help him?

4. Share your Facebook group with your email list

I think anyone who’s doing email marketing should also create a FREE community on Facebook group. Go to Facebook.com, create a “Group” and give it a name.

Then put the link to that Facebook group into your daily email and encourage people to come into your group.

Tell them they will get things in the group that you don’t send through your emails. Position your Facebook group like its private exclusive club.

Doing this you will build a community truly interested in the content you produce and in the tips you provide.

5. Segment your email list

Email segmentation is dividing your list into different sections based on their responses. 

You can segment emails in many different ways. 

For example, you send out an email broadcast and you get a 10% open rate. That means 90% of people never opened your email or even saw the message.  

So 36 hours later, you find all the people who didn’t open the email and you save them as a separate group.

Then you email that group separately the exact same email message, but this time you try a different subject line. It takes you very little time – maybe 10 minutes at most.

Always remember that split-testing needs to be part of your entire marketing strategy and it can be applied to emails as well.

6. Give them many different options to contact you

At the bottom of every single email you send out, you should try putting in your photo and different other ways people can contact you.

Simply adding ALL your contact details into every single email you send out can really help build better relationships with your customers.

Now it’s time for you to take action and apply what I showed you.

Start with one at the time and measure what’s the impact on your email conversion rates.

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