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Welcome to Your Journey To Wealth – the Blog that helps individuals build their success online with Digital Marketing.


My name is Claudio Sabato and my passion for Digital Marketing is the reason why I’m writing to you here, my passion to achieve great results through Internet and to help people do the same.

How Everything Started

I have been working in IT since I finished my university studies but at the same time I have always tried to start my own business. Unfortunately every time I was creating a new software I was not seeing the success I was expecting.

One day I asked myself:”Why this is not working? What am I doing wrong? Is the quality of the software I create not good enough?”. I discovered the answer the day I attended a workshop that opened my mind and showed me the importance of Digital Marketing for any business.

Marketing was the missing element, you can have the best product in your niche but if you don’t learn how to promote it online you won’t get customers, you won’t get an audience willing to buy your product.

Since then I started learning about Digital Marketing and I have never stopped, it has been an exciting journey and it’s the same journey I want to guide you through with my blog.

How To Start Your Journey

I have made lots of mistakes when I was getting started with Digital Marketing and this will happen to you as well. But don’t worry, this is part of the learning process, mistakes show you what you need to avoid in the future so simply see them as a way to get nearer to your goal.

At the same time I have understood how useful is to learn from the mistakes made by those who have already been where you are trying to get. That’s why I want to share with you the 5 biggest mistakes I made and that are also very common especially if you are new to marketing.

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