4 Principles To Build Your Email Marketing List

Written by Claudio Sabato

What Is An Email Marketing List?

Do you know what an email marketing list is?

Have you ever heard the phrase “The money is in the list”?email marketing list

Competition in the Digital Marketing space has been increasing in the last years.

More and more internet based businesses are being created…

What does it mean for you?

You need to develop new skills to make your Internet business successful.

The demand for Internet marketing strategies has increased significantly and new techniques have been developed to create effective marketing campaigns.

At the same time there is one type of marketing that never loses its power and that has been the source of success for many online entrepreneurs over time: email marketing.

The term email marketing indicates a way to deliver a marketing message to a group of people using emails. Before starting sending emails to your leads you need their permission and this is obtained using a landing page that captures their email address giving them something valuable in exchange.

Once you have an email address you can start sending emails to your leads.

At the beginning you will tell them about yourself in order to establish a relationship with them. Also writing emails that give value to your leads is extremely important to build rapport.

Below you can see some example of topics:

  • Talk about a problem you faced and explain them how you found the solution to it.
  • Provide a solution for a challenge their are facing right now with their business.
  • Give them a free report or ebook that helps them build more knowledge in their niche.

While building your email marketing list is important to drive targeted traffic to your landing page.

This will:

  • Provide you with leads in the niche you are focusing on.
  • Allow you to help them and consequently to generate more sales for your business.

Email marketing can be very effective as long as you target leads in the correct niche.

Email marketing is effective for one simple reason:

Leads who subscribe into your list have already shown interest in your website and in your product / service.

This increases the chances of them buying from you sometime in the future.

It might seem daunting to build your email marketing list and collect thousands of email addresses.

The truth is that this takes time, patience and consistency but it can completely open your business to a new target audience. It can considerably increase your return.

Also if you build your list you create an asset that you own.

What do I mean?

Sending marketing promotions to your potential customers becomes free for you.

This is a substantial advantage compared to paid marketing.

Also, there are several things you need to take into account to build your email marketing list.

I want to share with you four principles that have made the difference for me and that are helping me over time to build my list.

1. Explain Why Should I Choose You

When you create your landing page keep things simple, explain the problem you are solving with your product / service and show what benefits this would provide to your prospects.

Remember that people will give you their email address if you show them that they will receive something of value in exchange…

Something that will improve their life or their knowledge in the short term. If you keep this in mind your opt-in rate will increase.

Always have a Call-To-Action (CTA) in your landing page and explain what will happen once they provide their email address. And as a personal tip, avoid requesting too many details as this will decrease the opt-in rate.

Start just with the email address, you will be able to collect more details once your prospects provide their email.

A type of software called autoresponder needs to be integrated with your landing page to be able to store email addresses provided by visitors of your website.

The same software also allows to create email marketing campaigns tailored to the niche your landing page is created for.

2. Add A Signature To Your Emails

Every month you send hundreds of emails to people you know or to people you deal with as part of your daily life.

Wouldn’t it be nice if some of them subscribe to your email list simply because they receive an email from you?

They look at your signature and they see an invite to click a link to receive tips in a niche they are interested in.

What do you think they would do?

This is a free way to build your list and compounded with other techniques it can bring more visibility and more customers to your business.

3. Provide An Excellent Product or Service

The most important way to build trust with your customers and to consistently build your email marketing list is to provide an excellent product or service.

Give people value, give them more value than they expect and they will suggest their friends to become your customers.

We all think that it’s so difficult to sell our own product or service but then…

When it comes to selling other people’s products we suddenly become masters in sales.

How many times have you suggested a friend to watch a movie or to buy something that you found very useful?

Also, don’t promise something you can’t deliver, bring value to the market and you will receive your reward.

4. Segment Your Lists

Never forget to show your appreciation to customers who have put trust in you over time and have purchased your product or service.

Keep separate email marketing lists to distinguish between leads who have only provided their email address and real customers who have generated sales for your business.

This can be done with your autoresponder that allows to automatically move leads to a different list as soon as they purchase something from you.

This is called list segmentation and it will also allow you to send different email sequences to people who belong to different groups based on their interaction with your business.

These are just some of the strategies you can use to build your email list and grow it consistently.

Would you like to start doing Email Marketing?

Get free access to your autoresponder and start building your business.

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