Facebook Ads Guidelines – Learn How To Advertise On Facebook

Written by Claudio Sabato

A bit confused with Facebook Ads?!?Facebook Ads Guidelines

You are in the right place!

With this article I will:

  • Give you a first introduction to Facebook marketing.
  • Go through Facebook Ads Guidelines you can follow to get started.

Facebook has well over 1 billion users and this makes it one of the best platform to drive targeted traffic.

Think about it, on Facebook you will be able to find people interested in any possible niche and it’s up to you to reach them with content they might find useful.

What makes Facebook different from other traffic sources?

Facebook has built over time the profile of each single user (yes, even you…) because people “tell Facebook” everything about their life, friends, culture and interests.

Most recently Facebook has started analysing users also based on their buying habits. As an online marketer this can be very profitable for your business.

Facebook Advertising Vs. Google Adwords

Have you ever tried Google Adwords?

There is a substantial difference in the way you target people using Google and Facebook.

With Google Adwords you target people based on what they search, on Facebook you target them based on their interests. From this point of view Google Adwords allows you to reach people in the exact moment in which they express the need for something while the same might not be true when targeting interests.

That’s why Google Adwords can be better to advertise businesses where there is an immediate need of their services.

Let’s say you are urgently looking for a plumber…the first thing you would do is a Google search.

Facebook allows to create Ads that can be seen by users, interrupting their normal experience…

That’s why you need to make sure you show them engaging content instead of simply trying to sell something to them.

One of the biggest mistakes that makes Facebook Ads campaigns ineffective is to interrupt people in a way that is not consistent with the experience expected by an average Facebook user who is mainly interested in content and is not generally looking to buy anything.

In order to make your ads enticing you need to look at them from the right angle.

Think how you can put this offer in front of users without negatively impacting their Facebook user experience.

This is very important for Facebook that wants to preserve a good customer experience for their users.

In the next section I will go through the first steps to start advertising with Facebook and I will explain some of the Facebook Ads guidelines to follow.

Let’s Start with the Facebook Ads Guidelines

In order to start with Facebook Ads you will need to create your Facebook Page; see also this as the opportunity to start building your brand via Facebook.

Using your Fan Page you can also leverage one of the cheapest way to do Facebook Advertising…

When you create a post on your Page, Facebook gives you the option to boost your post, this is equivalent to starting an advertising campaign with the difference that cost is usually much lower.

Boosting your post is just a way to get started but not a long term strategy.

In the long term you will need to use the Facebook Ads Manager or the Power Editor.

Facebook provides different types of ads depending on the objectives you want to reach. In this article I will cover three of them you can start using immediately:

  • Click to Website: send people to important pages on your website. Very often I see people sending visitors to their homepage, don’t do that because your opt-in rate will be extremely low. Send visitors to a landing page that is congruent with your Facebook Ad. Choose this ad type if you want to optimise for more clicks to your website.
  • Website Conversions: similar to the previous type but with the goal of optimising your ad to get visitors to take specific actions on your website. Examples of actions are subscribing to your email list or purchasing a product or service. In this case Facebook provides a pixel (a code snippet) to install on your thank you page; this allows Facebook to track conversions. If you are planning to send traffic from Facebook to your website, I suggest to choose this ad type instead of the previous one. Facebook has collected so much data about users that they are able to show your ads to those who are most likely to take action.
  • Page Post Engagement: an ad of this type helps you reach people who like your Page and new audiences you choose based on location, gender, age and interests. It allows you to boost your posts to keep more people updated about your business and to build your presence on Facebook. Examples of engagement are likes on your post, shares and comments.

Going back to the difference between Facebook and Google advertising…

The advantage of Facebook Ads over Google Adwords is that you can leverage the viral component of social media.

Every time you boost your post or you create your ad you will also receive free traffic due to the fact that people will start liking and sharing your post.

So make sure people like your content so much that they decide to share it with their friends.

Facebook Ad Placement And Targeting

Facebook gives you three areas where you can place your ads:

  • Right-column (browser): lots of marketers prefer newsfeed ads but this type of ads can still be worth due a lower cost per click compared to the newsfeed one.
  • Newsfeed (browser): the advantage is that the ad blends with the updates posted by people’s friends.
  • Phone: you can choose if Facebook should show your ads also on mobile phones.

Also, unless your offer is strictly related to a specific country consider targeting your offers to the following countries.

This is based on the fact that customers from these countries have shown to be reliable online buyers over time:

  • UK
  • US
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • New Zealand

Do I Need A Big Investment To Start?

How much do you need to start with Facebook Advertising?

The great aspect of Facebook advertising is that you can start promoting your offers in minutes…

You can start testing your campaigns with a very low budget to understand if what you are doing is working as expected.

You will then scale traffic as soon as you find out what works for you in terms of targeting, geographic locations and landing pages.

Today Facebook is, without any doubt, one of the main sources of traffic for digital marketers.

It can bring your business to the next level if used in the right way.

I have also written an article that will help you estimate your Facebook advertising costs.

I hope these Facebook Ads guidelines make things clearer for you. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with me on claudio@yourjourneytowealth.com.

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