Facebook Advertising Cost Estimate. Plan and Improve Your Marketing

Written by Claudio Sabato

How can you improve your Facebook Advertising cost estimate?facebook advertising cost estimate

This is a question that most people new to Facebook marketing ask because the first thing they are concerned about is the money they will be spending.

And I totally get it.

The truth is…

There is no real answer to this question.

You are the one who decides how much you are willing to spend in your Facebook Advertising and in this video I explain the strategy you can adopt to avoid wasting money in your marketing campaigns.

The amount of money you will be spending also depends on how effective your customer acquisition process is.


I have another tip for you before you watch the video, the secret to successful Facebook marketing is to never stop tweaking and analysing the effects of your changes.

Learn how to read the metrics related to your ads and learn how to tweak them and optimise them.

Watch the video to learn how to improve your Facebook Advertising cost estimate.

What Next?

This is the article I mention in the video. It will help you have a better idea on how to create your Facebook Advertising campaigns.

In conclusion, start testing your Facebook Ads now, it’s better to learn and implement instead of being stuck in learning mode.

At the beginning you will feel you are wasting money in ads that don’t work.

The reality is that you are buying data that will help you tweak your ads to make them effective. Day after day the performance of your ads will improve…

If you have any questions about Facebook Marketing feel free to send me an email to claudio@yourjourneytowealth.comĀ and I will do my best to help you.


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