Increase Productivity With A Simple Daily Practice

Written by Claudio Sabato

Are you looking for techniques to increase productivity ? Do you find hard to set your goals and consistently work every day to accomplish them ?

Are you overwhelmed by the tasks you need to complete until the point you feel stuck and your productivity goes down to zero ? Do you feel there’s not enough time for everything ?

I have been there, I found myself procrastinating critical tasks day after day until the point where the belief of not being able to accomplish them became bigger and bigger.

I then started looking at systems that could help me become more productive and take control over my to-do list because until that point my to-do list had control over me.

When I discovered the single most important thing to increase productivity I couldn’t believe it was so simple: WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS, EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Below I will explain three reasons that make writing your goals down so effective.

Clear your thoughts

Every time you set a goal and you don’t write it down all the thoughts related to it stay in your mind and even when you don’t see it they negatively affect your productivity. They increase your anxiety because you feel the weight of all the things you need to complete.

From now on start writing every simple task down as soon as it comes to your mind, you will see how this will help you focus on one task at the time and increase your productivity.

Increase your focus

Writing down your tasks or goals increases your focus, the visual aspect (I personally use a physical board) dramatically improves the way you tackle a task and you get rid of it.

Completing it becomes an obsession for you until the point where there’s nothing else more important than getting it done.

Acknowledge your achievements

The most powerful thing you can do as soon as you have achieved your goal is to remove it from your board, throw it away and acknowledge the results of your consistency and determination.

This is extremely powerful considering that our approach to problems depends entirely on our beliefs and on the way we “talk” to ourselves. This process will increase your energy level and it will allow you to achieve more and more.

Another tip to increase productivity

Another tip for you, don’t do too many things at the same time, our brain doesn’t like context switching and the result will be a decrease in your productivity.

My daily routine is to identify the three top-priority tasks for the day, the activities that will have the biggest impact on my business and my only focus is getting them completed.

The approach you have learned in this post had made wonders for me. Start applying it to your daily life and let me know your achievements!

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