Landing Page Conversion Best Practices For More Leads

Written by Claudio Sabato

When I started learning about Internet Marketing I was aware about the concept of landing page.

But I didn’t really know the landing page conversion best practices that companies out there were using landing page conversion best practicesto generate leads and business.

Other marketers were also talking about squeeze pages and opt-in pages – VERY CONFUSING for someone who was just getting started. If this is something you have asked yourself as well I want to make things clearer for you.

Landing pages, squeeze pages and opt-in pages are the same thing, they refer to a single page created to provide value to visitors in exchange of their contact (very often just their email address).

You can also use landing pages if you are thinking about creating a new product and you would like to understand if there is demand for that product.

In that case you would create a landing page to register people’s interest in exchange of an offer whenever the product is launched on the market.

On a side note:

Never create a product before knowing if there is demand for it! NEVER! I have done this mistake twice and no one will give me that time back.

Do your market research and ignore that little voice in your brain that tells you that your product is the best on the market. Sell your product first and then build it! (You will save months of efforts if you follow this suggestion).

Let’s go back to landing page conversion best practices, we have learned that landing pages are used to capture customers’ details. When you build the landing page for your offer go through the following steps:


Don’t over complicate things, keep the layout simple…

Focus on a great headline and explain the benefits that your product offers and how it solves the problem of your prospect. People don’t want to know how great your product is, the only things they want to know is how it can help them.

When it comes to details to capture I suggest to start with the email address, a form with more fields will reduce the opt-in rate for your page. The email address is the only information you need to start helping your lead.

If you need more details you can use a 2-step opt-in.

In the first step you request the email address and in the second step (optional) you capture more details for those who are willing to complete the second step.

Click here to see an example of landing page.


Always remember to be in teaching mode when you write to your future leads, imagine you are talking to them in person, help them grow their knowledge and solve their problems. Add massive value to their customer experience.

Giving value is one of the landing page conversion best practices that will help you:

  • Understand your customers’ point of view.
  • Increase the quality of your offer.
  • Come up with new ideas related to your products.

You can add value giving them a free report about topics they are interested in, provide them tips coming from your personal experience that can help them grow and save time in their learning journey.

Everything in a easy to access PDF they can download as soon as they opt-in. This is what in Internet Marketing jargon is called lead magnet.


Internet is full of people who spam us with false promises like “Become A Millionaire In 6 Months” or “Make $20k In One Week”.

These are examples to avoid when you create your landing page, don’t promise something that can’t be achieved, be open and realistic – your visitors will appreciate it.

Making money online is achievable but there is no push button system to do it, it’s a gradual learning process.

There will be moments when you will be full of doubts and questions, when you will think to give up but with time everything will make sense and results will start coming.

Your success will be the compound effect of every small step you make day after day.


One of the main landing page conversion best practices is always measure.

Measure the opt-in rate of your squeeze pages to understand the best performers. Split test your pages creating variations with different headline, call to action, layout.

And you will be surprised to see how the smallest change can make a big difference in the opt-in rate.

The next step is to starve the ponies and feed the stallions, send traffic to the highest converting pages instead of wasting clicks with pages with low opt-in rate.

Very often marketers see low opt-in rates and instead of trying to understand how to improve their landing page they simply increase the amount of traffic, that’s not the way to go.

Make sure you have a landing page that converts and then drive more traffic to it.


Are you tracking where your traffic comes from?

If not, start doing it now, you need to understand which traffic sources is more effective. Which one brings you more leads. Knowing that will tell you how to split your marketing budget across your traffic sources and campaigns.

Would you like to know how to track traffic sources ? Read this post where link tracking is explained more in depth.

A tracking link is basically the URL to your landing page that includes additional unique parameters.

Those parameters allow to track source, medium and campaign name in systems like Google Analytics. Configure Google Analytics for your website if you haven’t done already so…

You are missing tons of valuable information about your visitors!


If you are new to Internet Marketing this might be the first time you hear about autoresponders. An autoresponder is a system that you can integrate with your website or landing page in order to:

1) Store the details of the leads who opt-in on your pages.
2) Create a sequence of emails that are automatically sent to your leads every day, the so-called autoresponder sequence.
3) Create ad-hoc broadcast emails to be sent to all your leads or to a portion of them.

Make the initial effort of writing your sequence of emails based on the topic of your landing page and the autoresponder will work for you every single day.

Follow up is one of the main landing page conversion best practices. Very often marketers focus on the initial opt-in rate while running a marketing campaign.

They forget that most conversions come from daily follow up with their leads.

The emails you will send to your leads will help them:

  • Grow their knowledge
  • Understand more about the product or service you offer.


Most of the topics we have covered require separate articles to go more in depth. For now this list will help you get started, I hope you have learned something you didn’t know before.

I’m here for you if you have any questions.

Also, to start creating your landing page today click here.


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