Learn Digital Marketing For Your Online Business

Written by Claudio Sabato

You might be asking yourself: “Why do I need to learn Digital Marketing?”

I’m a software engineer and in the past 5 years I’ve been trying to build new tech products with the aim of creating my own online business and move away from the corporate world.

Unfortunately my vision was limited to IT and only recently I have realised that I was missing knowledge about one of the biggest contributors to companies’ success, Digital Marketing.

This pushed me to stop focusing on technology and learn how successful companies promote their products and build a sustainable business.

With a friend of mine I decided to attend the IM Freedom Workshop in London, a workshop designed to teach you how to build your own online business and how to make it sustainable over time leveraging affiliate marketing.

On that day I started learning the basic principles of a successful business model and a new vision of business started developing in my mind. I understood how important is to learn Digital Marketing techniques to promote your business.

Would you like to learn Digital Marketing ?

This workshop is right for you if:

1) You would like to start your own Online Business that you can run from wherever you want.
2) You are getting started now or you have tried to build a business in the past without achieving the results you were expecting.
3) You would like to meet with other like-minded people and also learn from them.

What shall I expect from this workshop ?

During the 2 hours you will learn:

1) The principles behind any successful and profitable online business – knowing these will give you a clear idea on what to focus on. One tip for you is SYSTEMISE YOUR BUSINESS.

2) How to find good products and websites you can promote – your job will be to drive traffic to them. Basically you won’t have to reinvent the wheel, create a new product, waste money and time creating something for which there might not even be demand on the market.

3) The basics on how and where to place the ads – in the same way big companies do to drive traffic to their own products.

4) How to maximise your return by finding ‘high ticket’ offers to promote that give you much bigger profits.

Does it sound something you might find useful ?

Click on this link for a schedule of the upcoming IM Freedom Workshops scheduled near you and reserve your space in one of the slots available. This event is completely free.

Send me an email to hello@yourjourneytowealth.com if you have any questions you would like to ask me and I will be happy to help you.

If you are not near to any of the upcoming IM Freedom events you can still start learning how to leverage this business model. Get in touch with me via email and I will give you more details.

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