Start Learning Facebook Advertising Strategies and Become an Expert

Written by Claudio Sabato

Learning Facebook Advertising Strategies

Learning Facebook Advertising StrategiesAre you here because you want to start learning Facebook Advertising strategies?


Facebook is one of the leading social media platform in the world and with over 1.71 billion active users it is probably the best marketing tool available.

Using Facebook to advertise your company will help you reach a wide range of customers and grow your business.

To be able to maximise on the platform, there are different strategies that you can use.

Target Your Audience

This is what is called segmentation.

Facebook has many different users and not everyone will be interested in what you have to offer. That is the reason why you need to focus your attention on your target audience.

Take time to search for the different users who show interest in your product. The more you focus on your target audience, the more accurate the information will be.

Optimising Your Ads

Knowing your target audience is not everything, you need to make yourself appealing.

There are many different ads that run through Facebook and not all result into a potential lead. That is the reason why you need to optimise your ads and there are different Facebook advertising strategies you can use to achieve that:

  • Use high quality images to showcase the products that you want to sell.
  • Use high quality content on your product description. You need to tell the truth. Do not add features that are not in the product.
  • Use simple language.

Also, it is important for you to include the call to action (CTA) option…

It needs to be clear what kind of action you would like people to take.

Schedule Your Ads

Take note…

Different Facebook ads will show different results based on the timeline of your ad posting.

Not all the hours are the same and you need to therefore take time to figure out what is the best time period for you to post an ad.

Very often this will also depends on the country your advert set is targeting. Remember to split test your ad sets based on countries, in this way you will be able to tell which country performs the best for your specific offer.

Also, posting an ad campaign on weekdays will yield different results from the weekends.

Try positing your ads on different days to figure out the performance.

Never stop measuring!

Manage Your Budget

Have a clear idea about your daily budget before placing your ads.


Otherwise Facebook will happily charge you much more that you expect.

Just like any other form of advertisement, using Facebook will cost you money. You need to make an investment for you to be able to generate revenue.

But instead of simply focusing on the Cost-per-click (CPC), you need to focus on understanding how much every single campaign will cost. This will help you have control overt your advertising budget.

Also, the quality of the bids that you get will be affected by the people who see your ads. There are different types of users: the active and the less active.

If you manage to engage users with your ads, Facebook will keep showing your ad and will decrease your cost per click.

That’s what Facebook calls engagement.

Measure the Results of Your Ads

Finally, there are different metrics that you can use to be able to determine how your ads are performing.

The importance of a metric depends on the type of ad you are running, for example it makes sense to track the cost-per-click for a Clicks to Website campaign.

But if you are running a Website Conversion campaign the cost-per-lead becomes definitely more important. In this case, using Facebook conversion tracking you will be in a position to tell how you performed.

You need to have different strategies for each and every product.

This is because what will work for one product might not work for the next…

Be consistent in measuring the metrics for your ads and as a result you will spend less for your marketing and you will attract more leads.

Before we have talked about the importance of controlling your budget…

This video explains how to estimate your Facebook budget from the start.

Remember, learning Facebook advertising strategies is important but at the same time you need to avoid wasting money with advertising especially if you are brand new to Facebook marketing.

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