London Business Events in 2018: Wealth Academy by MM

Written by Claudio Sabato

The World Is Changing

In the last three years…

Something has been changing…there has been a boom of London Business Events.

But why?

Because people have been looking for something different in their lives, something that would allow them to have more freedom while doing what they love.

Have you ever asked yourself why you do what you do?

Are you asking yourself why things are not working out even if you are trying harder and harder?

Do you find yourself with no time and low energy when you start doing work that could bring you nearer to your biggest dream?London Business Events 2018

I have been there…

Spending time in a way that wasn’t fulfilling and the more things were not working the more I was working alone, searching for the Holy Grail that would solve all my problems.

Then I realised that I was searching for “something” that didn’t really exist…

I was looking for the cause of my failures somewhere outside of me.

The reality is…

We are the only ones responsible for our failures.

Every time we:

  • procrastinate
  • find excuse after excuse
  • don’t complete that one task that could really make a difference
  • avoid that conversation that would make us feel uncomfortable
  • miss that opportunity that deep inside we know we should take

The good news is that there is a way to make things better…

To transform failures into successes, procrastination into immediate action, excuses into strong motivation that makes you unstoppable.

It’s surrounding ourselves with the right people, who are:

  • positive
  • determined to succeed
  • driven by a strong reason why
  • willing to help others
  • ready to drop all excuses and to do whatever it takes to change things.

Those are the people who make progress possible, who bring innovation, who can see the invisible while most people wander around stuck in their mind.

The MM Community

I have found an amazing group of people here in London when a movement called MM, built around health, wealth and oneness, started few months ago…

London Business Events 2018

We meet every month, we support each others…

We make each others accountable, share what’s working right now, strive together…

Imagine a community that helps you get unstuck, that gives you that energy to get things done, that shows you that anything is possible, that is looking for your contribution to keep growing and to keep helping more people.

You Were Born To Stand Out

If you feel…

You are one of those who want to change the world, one of those who know they were not born to blend into a society that takes away our creativity.

Who is willing to do whatever it takes to make a vision real, I would like to invite you to our next meeting.

It will happen on 24th and 25th February in London….

We call it Wealth Academy.

It’s a place where our mentor, international speaker, entrepreneur and author Eric Ho will share strategies to get you unstuck, to grow your business if you have one or to show you what’s possible in business if you have been thinking to make things better in your life.

You will also learn how important is balance between health and wealth…

At the same time you will have the opportunity to meet hundreds of “MMers” willing to help you, to give you their feedback on anything you are doing, to start with you an exciting collaboration.

These two days will change your perception, will show you what’s achievable and I want to be the one who made this possible for you.

Click here to be there with us on 24th and 25th February in London.

It’s the beginning of a beautiful journey, it’s time to change things for the better!

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