Target Market Strategies for a Successful Online Business

Written by Claudio Sabato

Why is it important to define your target market strategies?

I have seen it so many times…

target market strategiesPeople who get started in Internet Marketing and they start promoting their products to everyone.

They think…

“It’s a numbers game so the more people I can reach, the better”

But the reality is completely different. You cannot target everyone for two simple reasons:

1) Your product is not for everyone.

2) A generic marketing message doesn’t resonate with any market segment.

The following video shows an example of how you should be thinking for your marketing to be effective.

This specific example is related to marketing to “IT Professionals” but you can apply the same concepts to your customer avatar.

I hope you have identified yours…

In the video you will learn that the more you can tailor your marketing to your audience the more effective your marketing is going to be. Consequently, your conversions will increase.

Your copy will talk about concepts related to their world, will talk about the challenges they face on a daily basis.

Speak their language…use words they would only use…

This allows to automatically filter your audience because your copy will only resonate to the right prospects you want to reach with your message.

The example used in the video is to use the word “HTML” that would mainly resonate with someone with an IT technical background.

Your Story

One critical point of your target market strategies is to create a relationship with your audience…

Tell your story, share your experience about the product you are promoting and show them how it made a difference for you.

Show them how things are different now due to the fact that you discovered what you are sharing with them.

Once again…

Identify their problems, be specific, think about problems that keep your audience asleep in the night.

Can your product solve their problems? Explain them how.

Make sure your audience relates to you because in the past your were where they are right now.

The Power of Headlines

Your headline should call them out specifically…

In your headline promise to solve the problems and make it obvious that this is coming from someone they can relate to.

Where Should You Advertise?

Facebook Ads? Google Ads?

It doesn’t really matter…

Your main focus should be to find places on the Internet where your target audience is going to be.

Think about specialised blogs and forums. See if they accept advertising and if they do you, buy it.

In this way you know you will be targeting YOUR audience.

Would you like to learn more about target market strategies?

If you want to learn how to start your own Online Business and how to connect with your target market, I invite you to watch a video that explains the exact steps to get started.

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