WordPress Login Page. Write My First Blog Post

Written by Claudio Sabato

Your First WordPress Login

Do you know how to access the WordPress login page to create your first blog post or landing page ?

Let’s say you have chosen your hosting provider and you have installed WordPress. To create your first post you need to login to WordPress administration panel following the steps below:

Visit the following URL


or the following URL if you use SSL:


where YOUR_DOMAIN is the domain you have configured for your website.

If WordPress is installed in a sub-directory the URL will change to:


where myblog is the sub-directory you have installed WordPress into.

Login to WordPress with your admin username and password

WordPress Login

By default WordPress will use admin as the administrator user account. The problem with this account is that if someone wants to access your administration panel he just needs to try different password combinations for that account (brute force attack).

During WordPress installation you will be able to configure a different account as administrator and this will make your website more secure.

If you have already installed WordPress you can still:

  1. Create a new user.
  2. Set the new user as administrator.
  3. Login with the new user.
  4. Delete the “admin” account.
  5. Reassign any posts written as “admin” to the new user (WordPress will ask you to do that).

TIP: Make sure you choose an administrator user that is not easy to guess based on your domain or the content of your blog.

Customise your blog

Access to the admin panel allows to:

  • create, delete and modify posts.
  • upload media.
  • install themes and plugins.
  • manage users.
  • control the configuration of your blog.
  • keep your blog updated.

After logging in, to write your first blog post go to Posts, select Add New and start writing.

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